WordPress Web Development

WordPress is the most popular website software on the planet because its powerful, reliable and uncomplicated. The software allows you to make site changes from any computer connected to the net.  Updating your site pages is easy. Below is a list of features common with WordPress;WordPress Logo

  1. Automatic core updates
  2. Strong security
  3. Pages work well with Google
  4. Cell phone compatible design
  5. Easy site navigation alterations
  6. Robust blogging / news system

This list of features does not tell the full story. WordPress has over 33,000 plugins which will give you the ability to accomplish any task.

The Web Development Process

Below is an explanation of a typical web development project.

  1. Logo Development.
    Using a well designed logo is crucial because it drives the color harmony and design of your website.  The process involves the creation of several examples.  You pick the logo you prefer and we modify it until you’re happy.
  2. Choosing Content Layout
    A graphic mockup showing how the site will look before development starts will be created. Colors and content placement will be explained so you understand the reason behind the design.
  3. Content and Draft
    Site development begins! Your logo, color harmony, and site copy, will be added to your website on my testing server at my office.  I will add forms, slideshows, security countermeasures, favicons, backup software, and any unique functionality required during this phase of the project.
  4. Draft One Evaluation
    Your new site will be uploaded to one of my private servers with password protection for your review. We will have a conference call to discuss updates.
  5. Final Changes
    After our conference call I will make your requested changes and prepare the website for final approval.
  6. Site Launch
    Your new site will be moved to your hosting service or a hosting.
  7. Post Launch Tweaks
    Adjustments if needed will be applied.


There are thousands of techniques, tools and strategies that can be executed to improve your site traffic. Finding the successful methods is my specialty.  Below outlines a typical marketing process for a client needed help with web marketing;

  1. Evaluate your products and services
  2. Evaluate your website
  3. Develop a plan explaining the search engine marketing tasks and who will execute them
  4. Execute
  5. Evaluate the effects of the defined plan
  6. Reevaluate the plan, make needed adjustments, and re-execute
  7. Repeat


Are you stuck? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Hire Blue Fox Creative and you will receive instant support from 9AM to 5PM (Eastern Daylight Time). Below are examples of expertise where I can help;

  1. WordPress / Plugins Updates – The WordPress core and plugins are always being updated with safety countermeasures and new features. I can help you keep your site up to date and safe from hackers. Full system backups are executed prior to updates being executed.
  2. Custom Development – Blue Fox Creative can help with small modifications to large-scale development including WordPress plugins, custom development and more.
  3. Move Your Site – Unhappy with your hosting service? Looking to experiment with your site on your own computer? I can help you move your site to a new host or a computer of your choice.
  4. Design Modifications – With over 15 years of Photoshop and Illustrator experience I can help create graphics that pop for your site.  Fill out this form or give me a call (610.388.1623) and I’ll get started right away.